The only benefit of aging is wisdom and even that isn’t linear. There were things I knew instinctively but they weren’t the same ones  you knew. Your wisdom,  I had to learn. I’m not there yet but I’ve come along way, thanks to your help.

There are other things that time teaches. It could be that as we age we are more willing to speak up, less tolerant of b.s. but I don’t think so. I think old people get wise because experience is a great teacher. The thing it teaches best is what is worth our time.

Books teach technology, not wisdom. What matters can be awakened but not taught.

Technology changes so we write down the new ways to reinvent the wheel and then adapt.

But human nature doesn’t change. How we love and how it feels to have a broken heart hasn’t changed since the world began. The way you feel when you hold your newborn daughter is the same way Methuselah felt when she held hers.

Your grandmother may need help with her computer but she knows a few things about life, feelings, consequences and regrets. Listen up.